Our Vineyard 

Our Northern Varietal Grapes are being grown 100% organically on our beautiful Southern slope in the outskirts of Montpelier. In everything we do at our vineyard, our goal is to produce organic wines that we are proud to call Vermont made.

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Our Grapes 

Montpelier Vineyards red grape varieties include Petite Pearl, Crimson Pearl, Frontenac, and Sabrevois. For white we grow, Frontenac Gris, Louise, Swenson White, Frontenac Blanc, Itasca, and Prairie Star

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Montpelier Vineyards
2446 Elm Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05602
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Louise Swenson

Louise Swenson is another Minnesota hybrid grape, developed by pioneer grape hybridizer Elmer Swenson (and named after his wife Louise). Both tough and tender, this grape can withstand freezing winter temperatures and short summers, and still produce wines that are fresh and light-bodied with a pleasing minerality. Consistently hardy to -40F. Rarely requires shoot pruning. Wine can be outstanding with aromas of flowers, honey and tangerine.